Server features

2 Hello, welcome to the Ucraft project. The balance of classes, constant improvements and the realization of the desires of the players will not leave you indifferent.

1 Olá, bem-vindo ao projeto Ucraft. O equilíbrio de classes, melhorias constantes e a realização dos desejos dos jogadores não o deixarão indiferente.

1 Привіт, ласкаво просимо до проекту Ucraft. Збалансованість класів, постійні вдосконалення і реалізація бажань гравців не залишать вас байдужими.

ATC-etc-scroll-of-enchant-weapon-i05 +3 Safe, farther 50%
ATC-etc-quest-subclass-reward-i00 Without quest
ATC-etc-letter-envelope-i00 Noble status can be purchased from the service manager for 100 Blue Eva
ATC-etc-mineral-unique-i03 The chance to get a skill is equal to the chance on the official server
ATC-skill1068 Buff slots 28+4, time duration 2 hour
ATC-etc-alphabet-r-i00 Raid respawn time 24 hour, Antharas, Valakas, Baium 3 days

ATC-etc-exp-point-i00 x100 Exp
ATC-etc-quest-account-reward-i00 x30 Drop
ATC-skill0254 x70 Spoil
ATC-etc-adena-i00 x30 Adena
ATC-etc-water-rune-i00 x30 Seal Stone
ATC-etc-question-mark-i00 x20 Quest
ATC-etc-alphabet-r-i00 x5 Raid Drop
ATC-skill4303 x2 All rates if you voted for the server (Use all banner, your char must been online 30 min after vote!)

ATC-etc-pccafe-point-i00 20 min online 1 score
ATC-etc-magic-coin-blue-i00 50% drop from Champion
ATC-etc-quest-add-reward-i00 The selling price of the goods is reduced by four times
ATC-skill4285 TT jewelry can be exchanged for epic

ATC-etc-raid-f-i00 Сlan creation level 8
ATC-etc-shirts-a-i04 Mage and Fighter tatto adds +50 attack speed, +3 when enchanted
ATC-skill1374 Olympiad Period 7 days
ATC-skill5762 TvT/DM every 1 hour